CannaCare Wellness Winter Garden, FL How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Winter Garden, Florida.

OK, we’re gonna give it to you straight: Getting a medical marijuana card in Florida can take several weeks and run you $200 to $300 before your ID card arrives in the mail. The good news is, once you’ve obtained your doctor’s referral and your medical marijuana-use registry application has been approved, you can pretty much start shopping for your THC right away. Clear the relatively uncomplicated hurdles outlined below, and you’ll be enjoying your legally purchased pot in no time. Winter Garden, Florida

More than 300,000 Florida residents have qualified for a medical marijuana card since the state legalized its use for certain health conditions. Do you think you might qualify?

Here’s some advice from certified medical marijuana clinics and doctors about what you should know before seeking a recommendation for medical marijuana treatment.

There also are dedicated medical marijuana clinics that have certified doctors.

Still, further checking on the selected doctor is always a good idea.

The state site’s search tool will tell you whether the doctor’s license is “clear and active,” which means the doctor doesn’t have any disciplinary action or public complaints against him or her in Florida. Canna Care Wellness Winter Garden, Florida.

Am I likely to qualify?

Some people get anxious about going for a medical marijuana treatment exam.

“One woman didn’t sleep all night because she was worried about the exam,” says Colleen Murray, a registered nurse who manages Canna Wellness in Boynton Beach. But she says the clinic’s exam is pretty simple.

The patient’s blood pressure is taken, pulse and weight checked, and then the doctor reviews the patient’s medical history as relayed by the patient.

But Hall says prospective patients should be aware that be “not every single disease in the world qualifies for medical marijuana treatment, and not every type of medical marijuana can be used by every patient.”

He has had patients who have diabetes come in seeking medical marijuana treatment, for example, but that is not a health condition on Florida’s list.

In Florida, medical marijuana is recommended for serious health conditions such as cancer, Crohn’s disease, multiple sclerosis and post-traumatic stress disorder. Welcome to CannaCare Wellness. Natural care for your mind and body. We strive to serve our patients with top quality and the most professional care in this field. Locally owned and operated we are able to guarantee that extra level of service and time given in our clinic. We understand the benefits of medical marijuana and are here to not only qualify you for your condition but to hear out exactly what type of treatment you need. Please feel free to call or schedule online for an appointment. Walk-ins are also available. Open 7 days a week!

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